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Professional Development Leadership Program


The Professional Development Leadership Program is a diversity initiative that promotes cultural and racial diversity within the chapter and in the recruitment of new members.


Recruit racially diverse college students from major institutions of higher education in the Michiana area who will commit to participating in the Professional Development Leadership Program (PDLP) for a minimum of 120 hours.


  1. Measurably increase the number of racially diverse students who choose to enter the field of fund raising after their participation in PDLP.
  2. To make a positive impact and enrich the lives of students who participate in the program.


Program Overview:

PDLP information is provided by AFP to career counselors at Michiana area major institutions of higher education. College students who meet the program criteria are eligible for PDLP through their institution’s career counseling programs.  Students selected for the program are required to sign an agreement.  Class credit for this program through the educational institution’s internship programs will be requested by AFP and encouraged.  A small monetary stipend will be provided by AFP to each student participating in the program to help cover expenses incurred.  The stipend will be paid in two parts – half after the first 60 hours of participation have been completed and the balance after the second 60 hours are completed.    

AFP Michiana members are encouraged to volunteer as career coaches for the program.  Members serve as mentors and provide professional learning opportunities that will showcase the various aspects of a career in fund raising.  Recruiting for mentors is done at monthly meetings and through AFP correspondence.

Who is Eligibility to Participate?

Student (Intern) Eligibility – Racially diverse students enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education.  Student must commit to actively participating in PDLP for at least 120 documented hours.

Career Coaches (Mentors) Eligibility – Must be a member in good standing with AFP of Michiana and have at least three years of experience as a professional fund raiser.  Member must be willing to commit to coaching the student for a minimum of 120 hours, documenting the student’s hours and completing a written evaluation at the completion of the student’s participation.


During the course of the student intern’s participation the Career Coach (Mentor) will invite the student to attend AFP meetings.  Student attendance at AFP meetings for up to 12 consecutive months will be at no cost to the student and time spent at AFP meetings can be included in the student’s 120 documented hours.  Students will be required to read at least two books of their choice on the topic of fund raising.  Guidance and recommendations from the Career Coach (Mentor) is expected.   Exploration and use of the Indiana University South Bend Schurz Library collection on philanthropy should be encouraged.

The Career Coach (Mentor) is expected to teach the student:

  • Fund raising techniques
  • How to do research
  • How to prepare a prospect proposal
  • How to write an “elevator speech” to make an “ask”
  • How to access AFP tools and information online
  • Encourage the student to read at least two books on fund raising and write a summary

The student should have a clear understanding of philanthropy and fund raising after completing the program.

Work Place environment:

The student is to be provided a positive, healthy work environment and the necessary work space and tools to complete tasks assigned by the Career Coach (Mentor).  The student’s hours and work schedule should be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

Program Schedule:

Recruitment will begin in September annually.  The program year will begin in January and end in August.


For more information contact the AFP Michiana Diversity Program Chair.

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