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Executive Director

Company: South Bend Education Foundation
Date Posted: November 1, 2017

South Bend Education Foundation

Executive Director Job Description


REPORTS TO:             Board





The executive director is responsible for the overall administration and management of The Public Education Foundation, Inc., d/b/a the South Bend Education Foundation, including program development, fund-raising, and business operations. Areas of responsibility include high level strategic planning and evaluation, policy development and administration, personnel and fiscal management, donor development/relationships, grant writing/program development, event planning/oversight and public relations. This is a full-time position, hired by and directly accountable to the board through its governance committee and elected board chair.




    1. a.     Facilitate an active planning process via (5) main designated committees.
    2. b.     Facilitate the development of organizational strategic plan goals and objectives consistent with the mission, vision and strategic plan of the foundation.
    3. c.     Develop and administer operational policies.
    4. d.     Oversee all programs, services, activities and committees to ensure that strategic plan program objectives are met.
    5. e.     Oversee donor/corporate development.
    6. f.      Ensure compliance with funding and regulatory requirements while following the highest ethical standards.
    7. g.     Provide information for evaluation to ensure the quality and effectiveness of programs and of the organization’s activities.
    8. h.     Staff development and evaluation.


  1. 2.     FISCAL
    1. a.     Develop, recommend, and monitor annual forecast, cash flow and budget to ensure fiscal integrity of financial records.
    2. b.     Oversee annual audit and 990 of Foundation and plan annual governance and investment committee review.
    3. c.     Approve expenditures and maintain effective audit trails.
    4. d.     Provide for proper fiscal record keeping, reporting and audits.
    5. e.     Submit monthly financial statements to the governance committee, and quarterly to the board of directors.
    6. f.      Research, write, prepare and submit grant applications and funding proposals as appropriate.
    7. g.     Secure donor gifts via scheduled meetings, bequest/planned giving discussions and board referrals. 





  1. 3.     PERSONNEL
    1. a.     Administer board-approved personnel polices.
    2. b.     Ensure proper (legal) hiring and termination procedures.
    3. c.     Oversee any and all disciplinary actions.
    4. d.     Provide for adequate supervision and evaluation of all staff (currently Administrative Assistant, Administrative Accountant, new 2013-Dream Team Coordinator) and volunteers.
    5. e.     Provide staff development where appropriate.


    1. a.     Assist the board chair and all committee chairs in planning/approval of agenda and materials for committee meetings.
    2. b.     Initiate and assist in developing policy recommendations via the governance committee.
    3. c.     Facilitate the orientation of new board members and continuous board development via board retreats and governance committee.
    4. d.     Engage the board in planning and implementation of fund raising.
    5. e.     Ensure board involvement and engagement through committees as appropriate and contact with board members.
    6. f.      Develop future leadership.
    7. g.     Develop, involve and engage volunteers and donors in the Foundation mission.


    1. a.     Build external relationships and serve as an advocate through speaking engagements, meetings, and miscellaneous networking.
    2. b.     Ensure appropriate representation of The Public Education Foundation, Inc. by all employees.
    3. c.     Coordinate representation of The Public Education Foundation, Inc. to legislative bodies and other groups.
    4. d.     Attend annual affiliate conferences to regionally and nationally network.